UplauseĀ FAQs

  • Changes the mobile number and email
    If you want to change the email id and mobile number associated with the account please email us to [email protected] along with an alternative mobile number. We will assist you with the changes.

For Fans

  1. Cannot see the content for which payment has been made?
    The content that you have paid for should automatically be available to you as soon as you do the payment. In case the content continues to remain locked please log out of the app and login again. If the issue persists please reach out to us on [email protected]

  2. I am charged even after cancellation of Subscription
    Please reach out to us on [email protected]. We will assist.

  3. Creator is not posting content as suggested or promised
    We do not offer refunds as policy as providers of the software service. However, we take mis-selling or misrepresentation by Creators seriously. Please write to us at [email protected] . We will take appropriate action against the Creator after investigation.

For Creators

  1. When can I withdraw funds from my account?
    We offer withdrawal of funds twice in a month.

  2. I am unable to post content in the app!
    Please reach out to us on [email protected]. We will assist.