UplauseĀ Community Guidelines

We want Uplause to foster Creativity by offering a safe space for Creators and fans to engage with each other, To ensure this, Uplause will not allow certain kind of content which can impact the experience of the Creator-fan engagement. This has been partly covered in the Terms and Conditions.

In short, please do not post

  • Any content deemed as hate speech, Instigating violence or bullying
  • Child Pornography. (We will report the law authorities right away)
  • Nudity & Explicit sexual content
  • Solicitation for paid sexual services
  • Any content promoting self-harm
  • Promoting sale of illegal items including drugs, weapons, alcohol or any other addictive substances.
  • Any material which infringes on IP and Copyrights
  • Doxxing of Users in Uplause like sharing phone numbers, names, addresses is not permitted